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Get $50 Lyft Promotion Credit Coupon Codes And Free Lyft Taxi Rides

Lyft Codes And 9 Other Ways For Getting Around Town — CHEAP!

It’s as American as apple pie: getting dressed up and heading out with your squad for a night on the town. But as much fun as it is, it can be insanely expensive to have fun in the city, and many young people are constantly searching for ways to cut travel costs and free up more funds for fun.  

So here are the top ten ways to get around town on the cheap and make sure you still have cash in your wallet (or pocketbook) when you get there:

  1. Sign up for Lyft. The ride-sharing service offers $20 in promotional credit to new customers, and if you use an existing customer’s Lyft code, they’ll receive a small credit as well. (There’s a trick to this, too. If several people in your group aren’t signed up with Lyft yet, don’t all sign up at once. Each time you go out, have a new person sign up, and let everyone else piggyback on their free promotional ride. This way, you can extend the benefit longer.)

  2. If your city has a bus system, use that. It’s typically cheaper than a cab.

  3. Likewise, your city’s subway system is typically cheaper than a cab, and in major metropolitan areas, the schedules are full enough that you shouldn’t have to wait too long at any connections.

  4. Companies like Zipcar, Enterprise, and Hertz now offer car-sharing services in some major markets, enabling members to reserve vehicles by the hour or day.

  5. Carpool. If you are fortunate enough to live close to several coworkers, you can each drive one day a week, effectively cutting everyone’s gas bill by 80% for the month.

  6. Buy a smart car. These tiny electric vehicles are perfect for those who spend the majority of their time inside a major metropolitan area, and the low cost of running them more than pays for the vehicle price over time.

  7. Have a car-sharing arrangement with friends. If you have roommates or friends who live close, there may be no need for each of you to own your own vehicle, particularly if you work different schedules.

  8. Use a bicycle. This requires some physical exertion, but it’s much faster than walking, and it’s not terribly difficult unless the journey is uphill. Of course, the weather can make this difficult, so you may have to plan accordingly.

  9. In a pinch you could walk, of course, if the trip isn’t too far and the weather isn’t working against you.

  10. If you absolutely have to, take a cab. It may be better than traveling on foot, but it’s definitely going to be more expensive than the other options lifted here. For example, in New York City, it can cost over $21 just to travel from Times Square to the World Trade Center, which is a mere 3.4 mile trip.

There’s ten options for getting around your city on the cheap. Hope they’re helpful!

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