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Lyft Promo Code Hunting in Wauregan, CT: The Truth

It’s easy to track down your first Lyft promo code. Just searching for “Lyft promo code” is guaranteed to get you about eleven million results in five seconds. And that first trip is great, isn’t it? Knowing you can go wherever you want for free (as long as you keep it under $20) is a nice taste of freedom.

But what happens after that? We get it. You downloaded the Lyft app and used the service that one time just because you got a free ride with that Lyft promo code. Since then, maybe you’ve used it again a few times, but it’s not a regular part of your routine because you don’t want to spend the money. Every so often, you search online for something like “Lyft promo code for existing customers,” just to see if there’s anything new out there.

And, of course, there never is. The whole point behind the Lyft promo code was to create a new paying customer: how would they make money if they continued to give the service away for free? Unfortunately for you, once you’re a Lyft customer, your days of free rides are over.  Or are they?

What if there were still a way for you to use Lyft promo codes to pay for your trips around town?

You’re in luck. In addition to offering Lyft credit to new passengers in Wauregan, CT, Lyft also offers a smaller credit to the existing customer who referred the new passenger. This means you can earn Lyft promotional credit for yourself by talking to friends and coworkers about how much you love the service. And there are still plenty of people out there who aren’t signed up for Lyft yet, and may not know anything about it.

What this means is simple. In the ongoing war between Lyft and Uber, the winner is...YOU.  That’s right; as the two companies duke it out out to acquire as many new customers as possible, you get to receive Lyft promotional credit by handing out your Lyft code to potential new customers.

So get aggressive with it. Blog about it. Tweet it out. Pinterest that sucker.  Remind all your Facebook friends that you have a fantastic new way to get around town on the cheap, and if they use your Lyft promo code, they can take their first ride for free!

Then sit back and enjoy counting all your free rides.

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