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5 Reasons Why a Lyft Credit Code is Worth Having in Alva, WY

Lyft has changed the face of modern travel in Alva, WY, as millions of travelers have given up dirty, inefficient, mass-market taxis in favor of Lyft’s clean, on-time service staffed by friendly and personable drivers. Unlike a taxi driver, a Lyft driver owns their own vehicle and works as their own boss, so they’re much more invested in making sure you have an enjoyable experience.

That much is obvious, but many passengers don’t know about Lyft credit codes, which are one way the company seeks to increase its customer base by leveraging existing passengers. Here are five simple reasons you should make sure you know your Lyft Credit Code.

  1. Your friends get a free ride. When someone signs up for the servicein Alva, WY for the first time using your Lyft credit code, they receive a promotional credit of $20, ensuring that their first ride is free.
  2. Your friends might get more than a free ride in Alva, WY. If that first ride doesn’t require the full $20 Lyft credit,  the remaining credit stays with their new Lyft account. This is just one way Lyft uses existing customers to recruit new passengers.
  3. You get free rides in Alva, WY. That’s right; every person who signs up for Lyft using their code gets a free ride in Alva, WY, but you also get a smaller credit to your account. It’s not difficult to rack up hundreds of dollars in free rides just by talking up your love of the service to your friends.
  4. Lyft credit codes are easy to advertise. Although Lyft’s terms of service prevent you from using things like paid Facebook ads or promoted tweets, there’s nothing to keep you from putting flyers up in places people look for rides, like bus stops or train stations. And the codes are simple enough to print on business cards, which can be handed out at bars or clubs around closing time — where else are you going to find scores of people looking for a ride home? You may as well turn them into Lyft credit for yourself, right?
  5. Lyft credit codes aren’t just for passengers. If you’re a Lyft driver in Alva, WY, the company will pay up to $500 for each new driver you recruit to the service, particularly in cities where passenger demand is growing quickly. This is likely to continue, as Lyft is locked in a battle for customer share with their biggest competitor: Uber.

There it is: five quick reasons to make sure you know your Lyft credit code, whether you’re a passenger or a driver. Now go to work using it!

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