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Top 5 Free and Affordable Ways To Go Bar Hopping In (Big Horn, WY with Lyft service)

It’s time for a night out on the town. You’ve earned it, right? All week, you’ve been on your grind, looking forward to Friday and Saturday, when you get to spend your time bar hopping all over Big Horn, WY. 

But is there a way you can maximize your time out on the town? Could you shave a little off the cost of transportation, freeing up a little more cash to have a good time in [city]?  Surprisingly, there are a few simple options to go bar-hopping in [city] affordably, including some options that may result in completely free rides.

  1. Pay to use Lyft in Big Horn, WY: The first way is to use a ride-sharing service, such as Lyft. These services allow private drivers to use their private vehicles as taxis and the reduced overhead means the savings get passed on to you, the passenger. In general, Lyft rides can be significantly cheaper than traditional taxi rides — and because the vehicles are privately owned, they’re generally in much better shape.
  2. Use Lyft for free in Big Horn, WY: Wait. What?  Free rides? We’ll give you a minute to digest.That’s right. You can use Lyft for free rides if you’re not already a customer. The service offers new customers a $20 credit for signing up through their phone, as a way to encourage them to try the service for the first time. That means all you have to do is download the app, sign up, and ride into town for free.
  3. Share your free Lyft rides in Big Horn, WY: That’s right: each standard Lyft ride can hold up to four passengers. This means if you have three friends who aren’t using Lyft yet, you have four separate $20 credits to be claimed between you. Have one friend sign up for Lyft, then use their credit to ride into town. Have another friend sign up once you’re in town and use that credit to ride back home after you’ve shut [city] down. Next weekend, the two of you who didn’t sign up for Lyft last week can use your credits to fund transportation.
  4. Use Lyft Line in Big Horn, WY: This works best if you’re somewhere like a college town where everyone is headed to the same high-traffic hot spot. Lyft line allows you to cheapen your trip by finding other riders headed in your direction, and puts a route together for everyone. Your willingness to wait and ride with a strangers earns you a reduced rate for your ride.
  5. Schedule a Lyft Plus pickup Big Horn, WY: If you’re heading into town with an extra-large squad, you may want to sign up for Lyft Plus. Lyft Plus guarantees a vehicle that can hold at least six passengers, and all regular Lyft promotional codes apply.

Enjoy your night out, and if none of the above options work for you, you could always just carpool with a designated driver. It worked for your dad, didn’t’ it?

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