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Combine Lyft Credit With Your Lyft Promotion Code in Dayton, WY

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the millions of regular Lyft users who have discovered the value of the service in Dayton, WY, which enables you to use your Lyft credits to travel major cities much more cheaply than a standard taxi would allow. But are you aware of your Lyft code, which has the potential to lower your costs even farther?

If you look in your app, you’ll see your account icon in the top left corner. That icon leads to a menu, which contains the tantalizing “Free Rides” option. Selecting “Free Rides” will take you to a screen that assigns a unique Lyft promotion code to your account; this code can be used to earn valuable Lyft credit. The process is painless, and easy to understand: Every new customer who begins using Lyft after they sign up using your Lyft promotion code will earn you a Lyft credit on your account. This is one way Lyft is continuing to grow its customer base, which now includes over 13 million happy riders so far in 2016. 

Obviously, there’s a benefit to you — but what about your friends? Well, they’ll also receive a Lyft credit for using your Lyft code. Typically, new customers receive a free ride (up to a $20 value), as a risk-free way for them to try out the service and decide if Lyft is right for them.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to your Lyft code:

  1. You get more Lyft codes as people sign up, so getting your first few passenger referrals in Dayton, WY is crucial.
  2. When you get to make your own code, make your Lyft promotion code easy to remember. The first code, assigned by the app’s algorithm, will be mostly gibberish--something like Bob46d7.  Your second code you can make on your own, but you’ll have to do so from a desktop; you can’t create a new referral code inside the app.  Make it something like FreeRidesFromBob, and you’ll have much more success earning Lyft credit.
  3. Be ambitious! Lyft drivers in Dayton, WY have done everything from putting Lyft promotion code flyers at bus stops to handing out Lyft promotion code cards around closing time at bars. The more your Lyft promotion code is out there, the more Lyft credit you’re likely to receive.
  4. It’s not just for passengers: drivers with Lyft can earn up to $500 for recruiting new drivers with their Lyft code, particularly in cities where the service is still relatively new.

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