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Want Free Rides in Gillette, WY?  Try a Lyft Coupon Code

By now you’ve probably heard of Lyft, the ride-sharing service in Gillette, WY that’s changing the way we navigate major cities. But did you know a Lyft coupon code is a cost-free way to try the service and decide if Lyft is right for you?  It’s true: a Lyft coupon code can give you your first ride using the Lyft service completely free, making it a no-risk proposition!

Lyft’s basic process is simple: users download the Lyft app and use that app to let drivers in the area know when they are looking for a ride. You can look for a ride right now, or schedule a pickup for a future ride. A Lyft driver will claim your ride, pick you up, and deliver you to your chosen destination. The service is generally cheaper than a taxi service, since Lyft drivers use their own vehicles and have extremely low overhead. Instead of an industrial taxi, you get to ride in someone’s personal vehicle, which is typically cleaner and better-maintained. And payment is made via your smartphone using Lyft’s native app, which removes the need for riders to carry cash or worry about a credit card.

Lyft drivers in Gillette, WYare already working in most major American cities, waiting to give you your first experience with the revolutionary service. You can check here to see if it’s available in your city. So use your Lyft coupon code today to take your first ride, and find out why millions of happy customers use the ride-sharing service every day!

How to Use Your Lyft Coupon Code to Get a Free First Ride

  1. To use your code, you’ll first need to download the Lyft App for iPhone or Android 
  2. From there, you will create your account.You’ll have to allow the Lyft app to use your location to determine if the service is available in your location
  3. Once your account is established, tap your account icon in the top left corner
  4. You’ll see an option for “Payment” in the pop-up menu. Tap that option
  5. You’ll see several payment options; the bottom option will be “Add Credit / Gift Code”
  6. Enter your Lyft Coupon Code there and you’re all set with your Lyft Coupon Code Credit to start your Lyft experience


Drive for Fyft!

If you’re interested in becoming a driver for Lyft in Gillette, WY, you can apply for that from the app as well. The service is always looking for drivers in existing cities, as well as cities for future expansion. So take your ride today using your Lyft coupon code, and consider becoming a Lyft driver in the future!

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