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Using Your Lyft Code in La Barge, WY is Good, but Actual Cash is Better

You’re probably already a Lyft customer in La Barge, WY if you’re reading this, which means you’re likely to be familiar with Lyft codes in La Barge, WY. These codes enable customers to earn Lyft credit by sharing their Lyft code when they recruit new customers. When a customer signs up using your code, you earn Lyft credit toward future rides, which is great. But did you know there’s also a way to use Lyft to earn cold, hard cash for your pocket? 

The first way is the most obvious, of course. Since Lyft is a ride-hailing service, you could become a Lyft driver. It’s a booming industry in La Barge, WY, since Lyft drivers earn anywhere from $18 to $35 per hour, depending on the city they drive in and the hours they’re willing to work.  Many people have become Lyft drivers for the income opportunity, as well as the chance to be their own bosses. But did you know that Lyft pays drivers for recruiting new customers and drivers?

That’s right: each Lyft driver receives a unique Lyft code which they can use to recruit new customers into the system. Lyft drivers have done everything from pasting their code up at bus stops to handing out business cards with their code at bars on Friday nights, all in an effort to pad their wallet by recruiting new Lyft customers. 

And just like you can cash in on new customers in La Barge, WY, Lyft will pay you for recruiting new drivers to the service. A driver who successfully recruits another driver can receive a one-time cash bonus of up to $500; that makes it worth it to go through the application process, even if you only drive one time before recruiting another driver with your Lyft code.

Another little-known way to earn cash with Lyft is by becoming a Lyft ambassador. As Lyft seeks to expand into new cities, each new part of their footprint requires a team of people who believe in what Lyft is doing to help the company establish itself in a new region. Lyft ambassadors are currently needed in all of these cities.

Lyft Ambassadors earn $10 for each new customer they sign up in La Barge, WY, and can earn up to $750 for each new driver. That means 1 new driver and 10 new customers a month could net you over $10,000 this year, which is pretty solid money for a side gig.

So what are you waiting for? Go get started today!

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