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Lyft Promotions are Even Better with Lyft Codes in Robertson, WY

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lyft by now , but if you’re in a city that’s new to the ride-hailing service in Robertson, WY, you may not be aware of some available Lyft promotions. Trips taken with Lyft are already cheaper than similar trips taken in a standard taxi, but learning to use their unique Lyft code is an easy way for Lyft passengers to lower their ride costs even further. 

The way this process works is extremely simple: if you’re already an existing Lyft user in Robertson, WY, you have a unique Lyft referral code assigned to your account. You can find your specific code from the Lyft app by tapping on your account icon in the upper left corner, and then tapping the “Free Rides” icon, which looks like a small pink present.  You’re certain to have some friends or coworkers that aren’t using the ride-hailing service yet; all you have to do is convince them to sign up and use your Lyft code when they do, and you’ll both receive a benefit.

It’s a win-win situation: your friends get Lyft credit as new customers in Robertson, WY, so they can take their first ride for free, and you’ll get Lyft credit toward free rides of your own just for helping the company recruit new customers. These Lyft promotions and Lyft codes are just one simple way Lyft is carving out market share from Uber, their biggest competitor, and it seems to be working. Lyft set a company record in May 2016, with nearly 13 million rides completed all across the United States.

Lyft promotions and Lyft codes aren’t reserved to passengers in Robertson, WY, either. Lyft drivers can also create a unique Lyft code they can share with potential passengers in Robertson, WY. Just like the situation described above, it’s a win-win situation: the new Lyft customer gets a promotional credit on their account, enabling them to take their first ride for free, and the driver gets a credit for recruiting a new Lyft customer.

Driversin Robertson, WY have another way to use Lyft codes to increase their income, as well. As Lyft continues to expand into more major US markets, they have an increasing need for quality drivers. Drivers who are already working for Lyft can also share their Lyft code with others interested in becoming a freelance driver; if the new recruit signs up and becomes an active driver, the recruiter can receive a bonus of up to $500

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